We’re a collective of folks who are great at what we do, love working together, and want to support each other how we can. If you want the team to build you an app, reach out, otherwise feel free to reach out to them directly on LinkedIn.

Native Apps + Optimization

Kelly Karsnia is an experienced native app developer and her superpower is optimizing the mobile development process from requirement gathering to app store management.

Photo credit: WOCinTech Chat

UX Design + Research

Grant Nicol is a brilliant UX/UI designer and researcher whose superpower is deciphering your vision and designing an end-to-end product for development.

Data Science + DevOps

Elaine Ayo will do all the data science, plus build out the devops for you and her superpower is turning your disparate data into something that makes sense.

React Native Apps

Sara Inés Calderón is the founder & CEO of Tercera plus a seasoned React Native developer and her superpower is documentation and communication.

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