Sara Inés Calderón, Founder + CEO

Tercera means “third” in Spanish, and the company is named to celebrate the fact that my family emigrated from Mexico, and I’m a third generation American.

We specialize in making mobile apps with React Native with the goal to help small businesses  — especially those owned by women and people of color — level up by creating mobile apps to support their business.

Founder and CEO Sara Inés Calderón has worked tirelessly to create more diverse and inclusive tech spaces in her home of Austin, Texas for years. As a former Director of Women Who Code Austin, and Women Who Code Board member, she’s also a founder of the annual Austin Diversity Hackathon where folks from across the state come to participate and learn technology together. 

Sara began working with React Native shortly after Facebook released it to the public, before widespread adoption, and thus has extensive experience in the foibles and peculiarities of this particular technology. She’s built and architected many apps, but her favorite part of the development process is mentoring young engineers.

Tercera operates to support communities of color in all we do — which is reflected by our business model, aimed at supporting small businesses, the backbone of our workforce and economy. As well as training aspiring engineers; every one of our applications is also a vehicle for a young engineer to get a better grounding technology so they can thrive in this industry, supporting themselves and their families.

As part of our mission to support communities of color we donate a percentage of every project to support the following organizations: